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Note: Mr. Dakota's new film, "Killing Alex," is currently in production.

Who Loves Judas?

Who Loves Judas? Announced as Official Selection in four international festivals and a Winner in Hollywood and in La Jolla.

Limited Availabilty - DVDs of Who Loves Judas? cannot be made available commercially until the film festival circuit is complete. However, Pre-Release, packaged copies of the film are availiable via vgraft@comcast.net for a donation of $10 to Erie Chapman Foundation (a handing charge of $2 will be applied.)

Who Loves Judas? Plot Sketch:

The ghost of Judas visits a young lawyer- turned-artist (Alex McCloud) on the eve of a dinner party thrown by his wife for her boss, a rich banker. Katrina, a friend of Julia McCloud, shows up unexpectedly and joins the party and things turn strange. Who Loves Judas? highlights betrayal in several forms through each of the five characters as Alex continues his journey of self-discovery.




Who Loves Judas Movie Poster

"Who Loves Judas?" (the play and film) is about what happens when people choose fear instead of Love. Most of us seek to drive back fear by staying busy with nonsence - by trying "to be onto something" to avoid despair. Thus, we turn away from Love....

Some of the characters engage three questions:

  • Do our lives matter?
  • Are Love and God one in the same?
  • When we live our truest selves, does that bring salvation?"

Fri., January 9, 6:30pm,
Sat., January 10, 6:30pm

Price: Free

Who Loves Judas? at Darkhorse Theater

"...surprisingly engrossing." - Martin Brady - Nashville Scene

The Film's the Thing

Martin Brady

Back in February, Nashville playwright Dane Dakota's original play received its world premiere at the Darkhorse Theater. Who Loves Judas? proved to be a surprisingly engrossing, if structurally flawed, social satire involving the contretemps between younger and older folks--conservative thinking versus the subversive. Since then the author has worked his script into screenplay form and set out to make a film of it, which he in fact did, co-directed with Stephen Yake. This two-night event features a test screening of the film in its current form—more music and editing are to come—as the filmmakers assess their work and solicit feedback. Not a single actor from the original stage production is featured in the movie, but the cast is filled with familiar Music City performers, including People's Branch Theatre artistic director Ross Brooks, Michelle Spaziano, community theater favorite Cinda McCain, Perry Poston (from cable access Channel 19's Stubby's Place), Elan Crawford and Greg Welsch, who recently was seen in GroundWorks Theatre's The Road to Bethlehem. Two short films by Bob Pandillo--Wallace and Would You Cry if I Died?--serve as the celluloid appetizer before the main event, which Dakota stresses is considered a work in progress. Admission is free.